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Vinaigrette is Albuquerque's Fresh New Organic Treat - Travelinexpensive

Vinaigrette is Albuquerque’s Fresh New Organic Treat

The new Vinaigrette restaurant in Albuquerque, NMThe new Vinaigrette restaurant in Albuquerque, NM — Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren

Sure, Albuquerque, NM can be known for its heavy New Mexican dishes, such as enchiladas, burritos and huevos rancheros, but there’s a large part of the population which appreciates lighter, healthier fare.  Welcome to the city’s wonderful new restaurant offering, Vinaigrette, located in the historic Old Town area.

Vinaigrette's farm and greenhouseVinaigrette’s farm and greenhouse — Photo courtesy of Vinaigrette

Owner Erin Wade, a Harvard graduate, returns home to her roots, so to speak, to grow approximately 70 percent of her restaurant’s ingredients on its own 10 acre farm in Nambe, NM.  Food grown in their greenhouse sustains Vinaigrette through the winter months.  The restaurant buys local and organic when it can’t grow its own.   Vinaigrette goes “green,” from composting everything and recycling all water, to even using reclaimed fire-damaged wood for its floors.  To minimize waste, they also serve bread and water only on request.

Patio at VinaigrettePatio at Vinaigrette — Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren

Talented also in design, Erin created the fresh and fun interior at Vinaigrette and even employed a relative of hers to supply the artwork.  She also planted the garden outside on the inviting patio, with plenty of shade provided by modern colorful canopies.

Vinaigrette's fresh and fun interiorVinaigrette’s fresh and fun interior — Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren

Viniagrette first started in Santa Fe 5 years ago.  Albuquerque’s location has been open 7 months and there is talk of a possible third location.  Menu offerings include vegetarian, vegan and meat options.  The staff will tell you to definitely try the All Kale Caesar! salad, with its lemon-anchovy vinaigrette.

Besides Signature Salads and Classic Salads (with a variety of meat pairings to choose from), Vinaigrette offers starters, soups and sandwiches, such as the yummy sounding Roasted Veggie and Provolone, made with roasted bell peppers, onions and squash.

Beer and wine selections are available and after 5 PM, a few other menu items can be ordered, such as the tangy hummus made with chickpeas, the pancetta wrapped asparagus, sauteed broccoli and the grilled honey mustard new potatoes.

All this healthy goodness will have you coming back to Vinaigrette to experience again and again the homegrown genius of the Harvard farmer from New Mexico.

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