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10 Best Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM - Travelinexpensive

10 Best Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque’s New Mexico cuisine is as colorful, adventurous, diverse and savory as the city. From simple dishes that have been enjoyed for centuries, to Southwest fusion tastes that have created their own genre, New Mexico’s distinct culinary legacy is known throughout the world. Chile is the foundation for most of New Mexico’s classic dishes. Technically a fruit, this pepper has been cultivated into several varieties to vary heat and size. Green and red chile are made from the same peppers; greens are younger and reds are fully ripe. Green chile tends to be meatier; red chiles are dried, usually in colorful ristras, then crushed into a powder to make the sauce. Which one is hotter? That varies year-to-year, depending on how much water and sun the crops received, and other factors. The main difference is in texture; red tends to have a smokier flavor. A good chile dish shouldn’t set your mouth on fire; it’ll have a zip, but most importantly you should be able to savor its flavor. Can’t decide? Order your meal Christmas–a combination of red and green chile. Classic traditional chile, corn, meat and cheese dishes have been taken to new heights by Albuquerque’s fine restaurants. New Mexico ingredients are a playground for our inspired chefs, many of whom have earned James Beard Awards and other honors. Like New Mexico itself, our food invites tastes and styles from all over the world, and recombines them into flavors found only here. When visiting Albuquerque, you owe it to yourself to experience a fine-dining meal, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about it’s origins and inspirations; our passionate chefs love to talk shop.






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